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The beginning of a great story...

About us

At Gusto Bakery, we believe in offering our customers the finest quality baked goods that are handcrafted with love. For over 10 years, our bakery has been most local businesses’ go-to local go-to pick with a delicious treat that hits the right spot. Whether you are looking for cakes, pastries, or biscuits and cheesecakes, you will find the perfect solution in our baker

Our Story

Our dedication to always providing our customers with the best service and sweets has resulted in our continued popularity with local patrons. This has allowed us to expand our original business from a simple bakery to a fully functional bakery.

In 2021, we take our business a step further and apply many occasions, which allowed us to spread our products to:

  1. Occasions
  2. wedding parties
  3. business events
  4. Christmas

We use the highest quality, whole ingredients, source the best, and stay as close to home as possible.

The three principles on which we base Gusto


Our bread and pastry are made according to the Authenticated recipe with local ingredients and preparation that includes a lot of effort and manual work of our diligent bakers. In addition to that, we also use the traditional fired clay ovens which give our products a unique taste which we all remember from our childhood. And only by respecting the knowledge and experience of the former generations we can make bread that would make our ancestors proud .


Carefully chosen types of flour ground in domestic mills, water refined by a special method of whirling in order to gain the properties of natural spring water, carefully cultivated natural starters and sourdoughs and a slight touch of high-quality modern technology. Only the best ingredients and methods are good enough for bread from Gusto , bread crowned by quality .


Even today, we still cherish the recipes and methods of baking bread created by us at Gusto and constantly upgrade them in accordance with new knowledge about nutrition and customer demand. In a specially arranged small bakery we knead and bake samples of bread and pastries in order to improve some existing product or to develop completely new ones. This is how we came to produce our unique and innovative products .